We are a fast growing team of technical experts. We solve problems and build companies.

Our Vision

The original iPhone, released in 2007, introduced a new mode of mobile computing. This era of mobility is revolutionary and is changing the way we communicate. Our core, driving belief is that every major business process and application will be re-imagined as a mobile app. Though much has been accomplished, we have only just begun.

Who we are

Founded in 2010, Touch Adventures is fast growing technical team who is building companies. We deploy mobile apps and the server side software to power those mobile apps. Our expertise is enterprise applications. We serve real customers with identified business needs.

1. Discover

Give us a challenge. We'll work with you to discover the solution.

2. Plan

We provide detailed project plans for your approval before we begin.

3. Execute

Our team executes the plan and manages the development to keep your project on track

4. Deliver

We deliver fully tested solutions and strive to exceed our clients' expectations.

We Believe

More and more media will be distributed via mobile devices: books, DVDs, CDs, newspapers, and broadcast TV. Mobile payments will become the norm. We will replace or change the way we use credit cards.

The capabilities of our handheld and wearable devices will continue to grow exponentially. Moore's Law states that performance should double every 18 months, hence delivering 100x performance improvement every 10 years.

The Future is Mobile

Education will be driven by analytics on mobile devices. Teachers and parents will literally be able to watch children as they learn, and educational materials will adapt to the needs and capabilities of the learner.

Let us be your guide.

Meet the Team

Steve Ackroyd

Stephen Ackroyd has been building Touch Adventures since 2010.

Before Touch Adventures, he was Chief Sales Officer for TPK, the manufacturer of touchscreen glass, used in products such as the iPhone and iPad. TPK acquired his previous company, EAM International, which offered interactive touchscreen kiosks for use in cellular phone retailers in Asia. He was co-founder of Kinetic Tide, acquired by Nokia. He was VP of business development for Lightspan (public as LSPN), and business development for Sony's PlayStation business and Sega's Dreamcast business.

He has a BA in Computer Science from UCSD and an MBA from UCLA.

Ahsan Saleem

An ex-IBMer and a Carnegie Mellon University alum, Ahsan leads a scalable team of Software Design and Test Engineers to build diverse Mobile (iOS and Android) and Web (CMS and Server-Side) applications.

Ahsan is passionate about blending Agile methodology with value-based management to build a results oriented culture.

Han Zhen Liu

Han has a BS in Biomedical Engineering from UCI. He joined Touch Adventures in 2014 working as an app designer.

Han likes his steaks and burgers medium rare.

Kate Cojocaru

Kate has a BA in Accounting and an SQA from Portnov Computer School. She is our application testing guru and has in-depth experience with web-based and mobile applications.

Kate is fluent in Russian and Romanian.

Adnan Umer

Adnan has over 10 years of experience with Project and Product Management, Software Architecture and System Analysis and Design.

He has successfully delivered projects for Fortune 500 clients like Pepsico, Frito Lay, Amway and Telenor.

He manages our development teams and provides technical oversight. Adnan ensures that estimates are accurate and deliverables are on time. Adnan has a BS in Computer Science from FAST-NU and an MBA from LSE (Lahore School of Economics)